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Regional Updates in Europe

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Vessel updates and port changes per service

Operational and Customer Service Updates for Europe

+++ last updated on August 6, 2022 +++ Terminal situation
Antwerp, Belgium
  • PSA: Labour availability is a at good level. Yard utilization at 869 is elevated but manageable. At 913s the yard stands reduced since the terminal utilized additional storage capacity. Reefers plugs at Q913 are manageable. At Q869 levels are high.

Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Europe Container Terminals (ECT): Labour reduced due to vacation period. Overall yard level at DDE at a manageable level due to a good combination of load and discharge calls with a downwards trend. Reefers at DDE remain critical and import pick-up dependent. Terminal is seeing improvement in the long dwell times for T/S and import cargo. ECT off yard storage with a capacity of 3000 TEU for custom blocked Russian cargo and long stay imports is now being fully utilized.

  • Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG): Vacation period impacts labour availability. Recent increase in yard utilization but remains manageable. Reefer plugs remain challenging but under control. Cargo opening time for the acceptance of export cargo at RWG is 8 days in advance of vessel ETA. RWG is still not accepting delivery of empty containers until further notice as a yard protection measure.

  • To ease the yard utilization, from July 25, 2022, we will start removing containers that have stayed at the seaport terminals at Rotterdam for more than 30 days. These units will l be transported to different inland locations in The Netherlands. The additional transport charges will be covered by Hapag-Lloyd Ag. Demurrage charges will remain applicable according to the tariff, from the discharge date until the pickup date at the inland location. The new pickup location, references and customs-related matters will be individually communicated after the units have been transported to the inland locations.

United Kingdom
  • Southampton Port (SOU): Labour slightly increased to 7-8 gangs on average. Yard stands at 63%. Reefers stand at 57%. SOU cargo opening time for the acceptance of export cargo is 10 days in advance of vessels ETA. Berth availability is good. All vessels have their agreed berth windows.

  • London Gateway Port (LGP): Slight decrease in gang availability due vacation period and slight increase of COVID infections, however labour remains stable. Yard utilization at 66%. Reefers are at 63%. Terminal has a busy berth line-up with pilot shortages, especially on the weekend. This will most likely continue throughout August.

  • New rail strikes are announced for the UK for August 18 and 20, 2022.

Hamburg, Germany
  • Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA): The ongoing labour dispute is still noticeable through less labour availability. Yard utilization is critically high negatively affecting the productivity. Import heavy calls remain a challenge and are faced with longer waiting times and are performing split calls at WVN to ease the yard situation at CTA. The lack of labour is leading to increasing waiting times and longer port stays for all services calling CTA. T/S cargo will only be accepted if the connecting mainliner is scheduled to call within the next 10 days. For train delivery the acceptance window is 7 days in advance of connecting vessels ETA. CTA limits the amount of idling IMO tank containers in the yard with a 24hrs delivery restriction in place. Export cargo via Truck is only accepted 48 hours in advance of the vessels call.

  • Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB): No improvement of labour due to the ongoing tariff conflict that affects dockers’ willingness to perform extra shifts and volunteer work, especially on the weekends. This is leading to further delays. CTB in no longer able to work 3 mainliners simultaneously creating considerable gaps on the berth line-up. Rise in exports gated in led to an increase in the yard utilization to a very high level. From 01. APR, CTB implemented the same T/S rule as CTA (T/S acceptance only 10 days prior to connecting vessel). Backlog of the pier maintenance and low productivity due to labour shortage in combinations with the high yard utilization results in extreme waiting times for various vessels.

G.M.P. Le Havre, France
  • CNMP/GMP: Yard utilization is high. High amount of vessel activity in the port of Le Havre in combination with labour shortage is leading to congestion and longer port stays. Strike action is suspended at the moment.

  • Genoa PSA GP terminal yard utilization is at its highest utilization with no improvement of dwell times. Empty restriction for gate-in remains strictly enforced to ensure import containers are always stowed in operational yard and available for delivery at all times.

  • Vessel opening and closing time can be checked on the PSAGP portal.

  • LSCT terminal yard in La Spezia is highly utilized. From May 23, 2022, export gate ins for second vessel will no longer be accepted and gate opening time for 1st vessel will be strictly set 1 wk before the vessel's ETA. The gate in restriction will be further extended in case of vessel delay. Gate in acceptance of mtys for loading on vessel remains restricted and must be coordinated on a daily basis with the terminal operator. Reefer export acceptance is restricted due to full utilization of reefer plugging capacity. Terminal operator is prioiritizing vessels with higher export moves to relieve the yard.

  • GPT terminal in Genoa has very high berth and yard utilization. This results in ops delays and missed berthing, even for vessels in proforma schedule. Yard utilization close to phisical limit and causing operational disruptions.

  • Barcelona - APMT Barcelona: Sporadic berth congestions. Possible delays due to lack of stevedores, especially during the weekend. Yard utilization (around 74%). Gates open for two vessels in each SSY. Lack of stevedore’s manpower due to high demand.

  • Valencia - APMT Valencia: Highly congested. Yard utilization at 65%. Possible delays due to lack of stevedores, especially during the weekend. Expected issues due to quay works. The total duration of these works is expected to be 4 months in total during 2022.

  • Valencia - CSP Valencia: Gates opened for two vessels in each SSY. Lack of stevedore’s manpower due to high demand.

  • Due to yard construction works, only one vessel per service is open for reception. Check a daily list at the following link.

  • A national strike has been called in Portugal. This strike may affect pilots, boats, crews, and all services related to port administration workers. The strike periods indicated below are extended to all Portuguese ports.

  • 1st period: From 00.00 hrs of 25/07 to 24.00 hrs of 27/07

  • 2nd period: From 00.00 hrs of 01/08 to 24.00 hrs of 03/08

  • 3rd period: From 00.00 hrs of 08/08 to 24.00 hrs of 08/08

  • 4th period: From 00.00 hrs of 12/08 to 24.00 hrs of 12/08

  • 5th period: From 00.00 hrs of 16/08 to 24.00 hrs of 16/08

  • 6th period: From 00.00 hrs of 19/08 to 24.00 hrs of 19/08

  • 7th period: From 00.00 hrs of 22/08 to 24.00 hrs of 22/08

  • 8th period: From 00.01 hrs of 26/08 to 24.00 hrs of 26/08

  • 9th period: From 00.00 hrs of 29/08 to 24.00 hrs of 29/08

  • Piraeus Container Terminal (PCT): No congestion at terminal. All berthing positions are available, terminal still capable to operate 7-9x vessels simultaneously on daily basis and to deploy up to 23xQC per shift. Terminal offers the agreed window berth to those vessels coming on pro-forma window. Re-construction at Pier No.2 continues without interrupting berth availability. Yard’s weekly average utilization for week 30 at 73,80% for laden and 71,20% for empties stacking yards. The running week on stacking yards is at 69,30% and empties at 83,90%. HL stock of empties at 48%. The volume of HL laden T/S idling cargo remains in low levels, with 3.6k Teus and dwell time at 7,1 days on average.

  • Terminals – both CSCT and Socep heavily congested; gate in full not allowed before more than 7 days before vessel ETA; vessel operation windows disbanded. Depots are heavily congested.

  • The terminal canceled work with proforma berthing window and gives priority berth for the vessel that arrives first. Terminals are working normally but with low productivity. Damietta yard utilization today for dry containers 49% and 35% reefer.

  • Port Terminal operations in Morocco will be influenced by religious and public holidays on July 30, 2022. Casablanca: In occasion of the Throne day, port Operation will be suspended from 11:00pm to 07:00am on July 29 and 30, 2022. HL services calling Casablanca will not be impacted by the holiday period.

Transport situation
North (Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland)
  • Low rail capacity. Coal transports from PL ports are a priority and therefore trains with cargo in containers must wait for confirmation for free rail lanes to move. Equipment situation stable. Most of inland terminals are full due to delays in import pickups. Export is much influenced by changing ETA and followed up with positioning dates changes or storage of loaded container before port entry is possible.

Germany & Central Europe
  • The difficult situation at Hamburg’s terminals is leading to a high container detention time. Containers with hazardous goods are also affected by this, and to counteract this HHLA has announced export containers with hazardous goods may only be delivered in the period from 29.07.2022 to 14.08.2022 during a certain period before the arrival of the ship. Adding to this situation for export containers is the fact that hinterland depots/terminals are reporting about fully stretched storage capacities and may be implementing fixed allocations for future bookings.

  • Sea Terminals in Rotterdam and Antwerp are completely utilized. Especially Rotterdam is overflowing. Low water in the Rhine is reaching its lowest levels, current capacity of the barge about 30%. This increases the pressure on the trucking capacity. Due to the holiday season, many drivers are on summer leave, which results in a reduced capacity of approx. 30%.

  • Truck capacities availability as follows: as from August 16 via Le Havre for import and August 17 for export. August 9 via Fos. National holiday on 15th Aug in France.

  • CR: Train capacities are ok but local haulage is full at Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lyon and Gevrey up to 2 weeks

  • CW: The transport between Lyon and Fos is ok. Between Le Havre and Paris 3 weeks of pre-advice are required.

United Kingdom/Ireland
  • Terminals have been performing well and current yard stack density is good. Intermodal not facing delays.

  • Trucking capacity is ok. Truck capacities in Ireland are a bit tight but all work is covered.

  • Rail capacity available. Strike actions on the rail network announced for August 18 and 20.

  • The Port Authorities in Ancona have assigned pier no 26 to cruise ships during the summer weekends with possible impact on our vessels. For the entire month of August 2022 civil works have been scheduled to the Genoa rail network - rail activity to/fm Genoa old port will be totally stopped from August 5 until September 6, 2022, due to work at the “linea sommergibile” connecting external rail network to the port. No rail activity can be performed fm/to GPT and PSA GP terminal during this time. For the same period civil works are planned also at Mignanego rail tunnel outside Genova limiting the transit of the apennines to the Ovada routing – works are expected to limit by 30% rail capacity to/fm Genoa PSA VTE terminal.

  • From July 22, 2022, heavy summer traffic interruptions will start. Each Friday from July 22 to August 12, 2022, heavy traffic ban from 16.00 will be in place.

  • Trucks shortage is aggravating. Truckers move towards transporting conventional cargo like cereals, at much higher prices.

Med Agents*

*Med Agents = *Albania, Algeria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Croatia, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Montenegro, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Tunisia, Ukraine, Novorossiysk, Russia

  • Odessa, Ukraine: operations are suspended

  • Romania: both CSCT and Socep heavily congested; gate in full not allowed before more than 7 days prior vessel ETA; vessel operation windows disbanded. Depots are heavily congested.

Ukraine/Russia updates:
  • Please visit general updates here, and the FAQ in this link.

Vessel updates and port changes per service
Far East Loop 2 (FE4)
  • MV HMM Le Havre V. 007W has ran into extreme weather conditions in Ningbo, CN and will require emergency repair work estimated to last 12 days - timing to be confirmed and further measures to be confirmed.

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