Freight Forwarding

At Bowens Customs and Logistics, it is our deep industry knowledge that enables us to provide freight forwarding and logistics solutions that exceed our client's expectations. We have advanced capabilities in developing supply chain optimization strategies that draw on the support of our vast network of partners and gives our clients business the competitive edge. At Bowens, we have a core servicing culture that is completely focused on the needs of our clients. At the initial consultation, we will ascertain your unique requirements and budget constraints and our team will devise a strategy that best fits you.

Solid Networks Instill Trust and Bring Result

The supply chain network relies upon the synergy of several components to ensure that your goods are delivered to their destination without delay. Our solid professional relationships with our affiliates support the supply chain process and ultimately means that we can handle any situation. At Bowens Customs and Logistics we can accommodate all types of consignments destined for locations domestically or internationally. Our suite of services includes Air Freight, Sea Freight, Customs Clearance, and Logistics, Distribution and Warehousing.

Air Freight

At Bowens, we understand that some shipments require urgent attention and must be delivered to a tight schedule. Our team will discuss your time and budget constraints and devise a strategy to suit your needs. We will negotiate the best rates for you on your behalf and can offer direct or in-direct flight solutions according to your requirements. We offer superior air freight solutions for the shipment of goods to destinations domestically and internationally. Air freight is traditionally more expensive than sea freight; however, due to the time saved there may be less chance that you require warehousing and storage due to the quick transit of your goods.

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Sea Freight

We have over three decades of industry experience in the transportation of a wide variety of goods to destinations across the seas. Sea freight is the most economical method of transporting commodities, merchandise and larger consignments over great distances. At Bowens Customs and Logistics we can offer hassle-free, economical sea freight solutions tailored to your specifications. Our ocean freight services are comprehensive and serve to provide assurance and peace of mind.

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