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Indent Procurement

Bowens Customs and Logistics regularly performs 3PL services for our valued clients and overseas partners who wish to have a presence in Australia without all of the expense and management of owned local offices. Your company remains the goods owner in full control of the commercial activities and leaves the physical handling of your products to our experienced teams nationally in Australia and New Zealand.


Should you wish to take the benefits of a full-service provider, Bowens Customs and Logistics will also provide your company with a full suite of 4PL indent services where our team will finance, purchase, warehouse, invoice and distribute goods to retail, hospitality and supermarket distribution centres and outlets on a National or International scale.

Bowens Customs and Logistics give you full visibility in Australia to conduct business from anywhere in the world you like. Real-time indent visibility, point-of-sale analysis with full forecasting so your products remain available for purchase at a moment's notice. This also gives you product availability to the Oceania Region with minimal disruption to your production planning.


Let Bowens be your local logistics partner and open up the South Pacific to your products.

Jason Packer

Bowen's are your full-service 3PL and 4PL indent service provider allowing you to conduct business from anywhere in the world.



  • To allow just-in-time availability of goods

  • Analysing sales and seasonal trends

  • Supplier assistance in planning efficient and timely manufacture of goods

Coordination & 

  • With suppliers and logistics partners to transport goods from point of manufacture to our warehouses in Australia, ready for nationwide distribution.

  • With our warehouses for the unpack and storage of the goods

  • with retail customers for sale and distribution of goods throughout Australia


  • Collaboration with our customs brokers to ensure all necessary import conditions are met

  • We apply for all required permits to allow goods easy passage into home consumption

Administration &

  • We purchase the goods at the agreed price from the supplier and pay all relevant Australian duties and taxes on import. This relieves the overseas supplier of the administrative burden of maintaining an ABN or Australian branch.

  • We can organise the distribution of the goods and subsequent invoice to Australian retail customers.

  • We can calculate an all-inclusive price for the goods for tenders & presentation to Australian retail customers

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