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Why Us? 

Unlike other customs and logistics businesses, at Bowen's, we manage the import process for the customer and retailer from start to finish with constant communication to all involved parties reducing the need for the customer and retailer to hire specialist staff which in turn provides cost savings.

With our distribution and warehousing network we can arrange to ship, store and deliver goods anywhere in Australia and New Zealand and we are able to offer competitive pricing as we provide this service for many customers, therefore creating efficiencies.

Click the steps below to learn about our full service solution.

  • Step One: Indent Forecasting
    Using a combination of retail sales data as well as known factors such as seasonality, we forecast the quantity of the product we need to have on hand as well as optimal time for ordering to limit storage time. This is imperative where a product has best before dates. We work with the manufacturers to ensure order timeline is possible given production and shipping constraints & lead times.
  • Step Two: Purchasing & Finance
    Bowen's will purchase the manufactured product from the overseas supplier as it leaves their factory and pay all relevant Australian duties and taxes on import. This provides the supplier with: A simpler regulatory environment (i.e. no Australian business registrations required) Reduced expense and management required, as setting up and running anAustralian branch is not required Bowen's purchase of the goods acts as a finance service for the customer as the retailer payment terms for the product are usually after delivery into their Australian retail distribution centre.
  • Step Three: Shipping & Customs
    Bowen's organise the collection and shipping of the goods from the customer factory to our Australian warehouse. Bowen's will then monitor the shipment while on the water, communicating the arrival with the customer, retailer and our warehouse as required. Bowen's customs brokers will clear the shipment with Australian Customs, undertake all dealings with quarantine and apply for any import permits as required.
  • Step Four: Logistics, Warehousing & Inventory Control
    Bowen's will hold your product in our network of warehouses around Australia until the you requires the goods. Bowen's will then manage inventory, monitor best before dates and perform stocktakes to report stock levels as required by the customer and retailer.
  • Step Five: Present For Collection
    Once you place an order with us for the product, Bowen's will then arrange for the appropriate labelling and have product ready for collection or deliver to a destination depending on the agreement with you. At the point or collection/delivery Bowen's will then invoice you for the goods. Invoice is based on an agreed all-in price which includes cost of goods, shipping, customs duty and storage, simplifying costs for the retailer.


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Jason Packer

Bowen's is your full service customs and logistics, saving you time, money and stress.

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