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New Ag exporter guides released

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Knowing how to get agricultural goods out of the country just got easier for exporters thanks to our new step-by-step exporter guides for each commodity.

Our digital guides provide businesses with a one stop shop to the department’s export information for dairy, eggs, seafood, meat, live animals, plants and other items. The guides link to applications, registrations, approvals, fees and charges, and also to the Manual of Importing Country Requirements (Micor) for trading partner requirements.

The guides also assist exporters to sort between products for the specific export requirements – such as ice-cream needing to meet the requirements for non-prescribed goods rather than for dairy.

Collating this information is important as it streamlines processes and helps businesses better understand their obligations and requirements under the Export Control Act 2020 and the Export Control Rules 2021. These detail the rules that trading partners set, that Australian businesses must meet, to successfully export their products.

These new guides demonstrate our commitment to design digital content that is modern, efficient, accessible and easy to use. They are part of our agricultural export trade reforms helping businesses get our premium Aussie products to international markets faster.


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