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Victorian Government and freight and logistics industry launch empty container park trial report

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The state government who worked with freight and logistics industry says the report’s results show that more can be done to improve trucking capabilities around the Port of Melbourne.

The Victorian state government says it is working with the freight and logistics industry to cut costs and improve supply chain efficiencies with the release of the Empty Container Park trial report.

The report showed operating cost savings from paperless and contactless truck arrivals at empty container parks (ECPs), in addition to other benefits such as increased daily truck cycles, improved driver safety and lower emissions.

A reduction in truck-turnaround times of about six minutes translates to an operating cost saving of approximately $13.50 per truck, or an annual operating cost saving of approximately $5.75 million for the Victorian container transport industry as a whole.

The report found moving from low to medium or high automation at an ECP can boost peak truck turnaround time by a massive 32 per cent with similar off-peak time savings.

"The Empty Container Park trial report is a shining example of the collaboration between our government and critical industry leaders to maintain and progress Victoria's freight advantage," Victorian ports and freight minister Melissa Horne says.

"Outcomes of the Container Storage Working Group and the ECP Trial have led to the development of new performance indicators which will provide greater visibility of the performance of the Port of Melbourne supply chain."

In early 2022, Freight Victoria established the Container Storage Working Group to address the build-up of full containers in the Port of Melbourne supply chain, recognising the interface between transport operators and empty container parks as a key impediment to efficiency.

Partnering with industry stakeholders, stevedores, transport operators and peak bodies including the Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA), the trial established performance indicators for empty containers and evaluated streamlined processes for truck arrivals.

Freight Victoria has now developed a performance measure for truck turnaround times which is included in the latest Voluntary Performance Monitoring Framework dashboard report.

The Department of Transport and Planning will continue to collaborate with industry to develop further performance indicators for the empty container supply chain, with empty container park operators to implement further, including slot availability and other indicators.

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