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Australia's first all-digital freight management platform

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

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Welcome to Dock Direct, designed exclusively for our Australian International Terminal customers to help fast-track freight through our terminals.

Dock Direct is our new, all-digital management platform which links our refreshed online portal with a new, purpose-built mobile app for drivers. The fully integrated platform revolutionises freight lodgements and collections at our international terminals by improving data quality and security, reducing paperwork and streamlining the terminal experience to move freight faster.

Partnering with us on the ground means you're working with the best, delivering freight faster, with minimum fuss and maximum safety.

Dock Direct Import Collections is now live in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.


The technology behind Dock Direct enables freight forwarders and drivers to create and manage their freight movements via our online portal and the Dock Direct mobile app. Information about lodgements and collections is linked to the digital technology in our terminals seamlessly through the app, connecting your data to our system so we're ready to process your freight as soon as your driver arrives.

How it works

Freight forwarders benefit from Dock Direct by having full control of bookings, lodgement and collection lists and can use our online portal to:

  • Manage bookings and combine AWBs into lodgement and collection lists

  • Create records for each driver, which generates a notification to download the Dock Direct app to their registered mobile device

  • Assign a lodgement or collection list to any registered driver, with the ability to 'Auto-Approve' (NEW!)

  • Update details online right up to the time the driver leaves the warehouse

Drivers benefit from Dock Direct by skipping the queue, bypassing check-in areas and driving straight to their assigned dock. Drivers use the mobile app and auto-notifications to:

  • View alert messages when any freight shipment has been assigned by a forwarder

  • Update lodgement and collections lists seamlessly and securely in real-time, improving data quality

  • Advise the terminal team of expected arrival time, so we're ready to assign a dock on arrival

  • View the assigned dock and start the lodgement or collection process, using the unique QR code

  • Assign a one-off courier driver to a collection (NEW!)

  • Display more relevant AWB information with an enhanced filtering experience (NEW!)

  • View in app history of completed collection (NEW!)

Using the app is the fastest way to move freight. Real-time updates deliver more accurate data, reducing last-minute changes and removing paperwork. A fully integrated, digitised system designed to get drivers - and your freight - on their way sooner.

Driver registration

The key to Dock Direct is our new mobile app for drivers. Linking seamlessly to our online portal, drivers can access all lodgement and collection data via the app. Freight forwarders simply need to add driver details to your online account. Once registered, your drivers will be able to access everything they need via the Dock Direct app on their mobile. We've created a handy User Guide to explain how to set up your drivers or you can login to your account and update driver details now.

Import collections

Our rollout starts with import collections. The Dock Direct technology will replace the current collection process which includes the use of kiosks and authority codes. The first terminal to go digital with the new system will be Sydney, with other ports following later. Forwarders can manage international imports online, where collection lists are created and assigned to drivers.

Will you be ready?

All you need to do to get ready for Dock direct is to ensure you've set up your drivers online and check they've downloaded the Dock Direct app. Once registered, you can collate AWBs into collection lists, assign to drivers, update and change as you go. Our User Guides provide more details and can be found here.

Export lodgements

Export Lodgements will be intergrated into Dock Direct following Import Collections later this year. Using the same online portal and mobile app, soon everything you need to streamline the terminal experience will be at your fingertips.

User guides and help

Dock Direct has been developed to reduce the complexity of international lodgements and collections. Time spent processing freight through our terminals is minimised thanks to this new, intergrated technology.

Our User Guides show how easy it is to make the most of Dock Direct.

  • User Guide for drivers

  • User Guide for bookers

  • User Guide for third-party transport companies

If you can't find what you need in our User Guides, simply email us with your query and we'll get back to you.


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