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Our History

Founded in 1985 as Michael J. Bowen & Associates Pty Ltd, the company had a clear mission and vision to provide outstanding supply chain solutions to clients. Starting off as a Customs Brokerage for a global freight forwarding company, we evolved over 30 years and eventually became Bowens Customs and Logistics offering complete door to door supply chain solutions for clients from a multitude of industries.

Our management team boasts over 100 years of combined experience, and together we have successfully handled every conceivable logistics situation. The history of the company and the extensive knowledge base of our team is the reason that we are so equipped to provide well-informed solutions for all your transport and logistics needs.


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Bowen's Customs and Logistics has evolved over its rich 30 year history to become one of Australia's trusted and complete  door-to-door supply chain solutions for clients from a multitude of industries worldwide.

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Australian Trusted Trader Accreditation status means Bowen's Customs and Logistics is acknowledged with the Australian Border Force as being able to provide supply chain solutions in accordance with the requirements of customs and related legislation and workplace procedures.


Bowen's Logistics is one of very few Logistics companies that has full accreditation status as an Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) by the Australian Border Force and attained our Sustainable Certification in Safety (ISO 4801:2001), Certification in Dedication to Quality (ISO 9001:2015) and Certification in Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001:2015).


Australian Trusted Trader is a voluntary trade facilitation initiative. It recognises businesses with a secure supply chain and compliant trade practices, rewarding accredited businesses with a range of trade facilitation benefits. Australian Trusted Trader is an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) programme. AEOs work to secure the international supply chain, while facilitating the movement of legitimate trade.



We are committed to working towards a better planet and a more sustainable future for the next generation. 

We are committed to supporting social innovations to local communities, preserving air quality and fighting climate change and promoting responsible international trade through strict compliance with international law.

Looking at Crops

Our commitment to sustainability means we actively focus on meeting the needs of the present where possible without compromising the ability of future generations.



Bowen's Customs and Logistics have experience specialising in delivering domestics and international freight and supply solutions over a broad range of industries. 


Leadership Team 

The expertise and loyalty of staff at Bowen's Customs and Logistics spans across many decades with experience in all areas of international freight forwarding, customs brokerage and third party logistics.

Stay up to date with company information by following our LinkedIn page via the link below. 

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Peter Gasnier
Managing Director 


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Jason Packer


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Matthew Hughston
Customs Manager



Our Staff 

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Alexandra Santomingo
Logistics Co-Ordinator

Amanda Pisani
Senior Customs Broker 

Dylan Reddy
Logistics Co-Ordinator 

Kellie Walker

Alex Wayne
Cartage Co-Ordinator

Kristin Parsons
Senior Customs Broker

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Lisa Hardy.jpg
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Marissa Bird
Mitchell Bayley.jpg

Lisa Hardy
Snr Procurement Specialist

Lorraine Murray

Marissa Bird
Logistics Operations 

Mitchell Bayley
Customs Broker

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Yvonne Haub
Senior Procurement

Rebecca Crawford
Freight Co-Ordinator